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1865 Chicago City Directory

The 1864-65 Chicago City Directory is one of the most notable in the history of Chicago. The last census taken of the city prior to publication occurred in 1864 and, when compared to the prior census of 1862, showed an explosive increase in the city's population. It is estimated that during the previous five year period, the population nearly doubled in size. More than 11,000 names were added to this directory since the previous year's directory was printed.

Godfrey Memorial Library is pleased to be able to offer you access to this historical gem. The size of this book required us to break it down into sections in order that it might be better able to download quickly. Just click on the link for the section you wish to view and it will open in a new window and load for display using your Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Here's the link for that: http://www.adobe.com/. Just click the Get Adobe Reader button and then click download. The current version is there as well in case you'd like to update to the latest version.)

As you may know, Adobe offers a search or find function. Names or keywords can be entered in the find box and searched in this way. Any occurrences of these words will be highlighted in blue. This is made possible through a process known as OCR (optical character recognition). OCR is far from 100% accurate in its interpretation of characters and really is only as good as the image on the page. Our hope is that the OCR as it stands will help you to hone in on your name/word and make it a little easier than reading page by page even if it doesn't pick up the exact word you entered.

Our copy of this directory was rebound a few years ago. In the process, much of the center gutter space was lost. As we digitized the images, every effort was made to get as much of the image possible without doing damage to the new binding. We felt the value of the directory as it exists here was well worth the effort, however imperfect the result, to bring this data to the public.

1865 Chicago City Directory Breakdown

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